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Researching and writing this piece led to some candid, revealing conversations with my queer male friends; I also realized that this topic affects many queer men and needs to be addressed.

I’m not claiming to know everything, but this is a conversation that needs to start through both a queer lens and a feminist perspective. Sure, marriage equality is now becoming a reality in a majority of the United States; however, same-sex marriage legislation is not the only issue queer people face.

It was immediately promoted on social media and reigned down on the blogosphere as a refreshing twist on the usual “Let’s Objectify Women! In fact, that’s the whole premise of the video: A “record label executive” is sitting with Ms.

” mantra mainstream hip hop/pop music videos usually employ. Lopez and her gaggle of colorful girlfriends, presenting her with treatments for the video. ), so her friends clearly point out that, if she were a “dude,” this conversation wouldn’t happen; if she were a male singer, she would be in control, surrounded by a bunch of naked women, effectively selling objectification to the viewer.

I have chosen to write this piece because I have known and loved many queer men throughout my life.I won’t pretend to speak for gay men and I’m sure there are some sites I’m missing, but these appear to be the most talked about gay male social networking sites online. Maybe they’ll be a look inside a niche market for some of our readers and maybe they’ll be links of love for others.I tried to note the ones where the guys were particularly hot.This picture taken on August 13, 2013 shows couples attending a kissing contest during the traditional Qixi festival in Shenyang, northeast China’s Liaoning province.The Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month and dates back over 2,600 years and is a popular and auspicious wedding date for Chinese couples.

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In fact, I’d venture to say that same-sex marriage isn’t even the most important so-called “Gay Issue.” It’s just the most publicized one.

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